Evaluation Board for Motor Driver IC TC78B016FTG

The TC78B016FTG is a three-phase brushless DC motor driver incorporating our original technology, Intelligent Phase Control (InPAC) that is an automatic phase adjustment function. Elimination of adjustment burden and high-efficiency motor drive are possible by using this technology.
Using BiCD process and realizing the rating of 40 V and 3.0 A per one phase.
This evaluation board equipped with motor evaluation function can control a motor by connecting the motor to the external hall element.
Please sense excellent controllability of three-phase brushless DC motor by applying the TC78B016FTG.

In using, please be careful about the thermal condition sufficiently.
As for each control signal, please refer to the IC specification by accessing to the below URL.
Further, the application of this evaluation board is limited to the purpose of evaluating and learning the motor control. Please do not ship them to a market.

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