Infra-red Blocking Sensor Kit

This kit is comprised of 2 modules and; one of them is a transmitter that emits infrared light and the other one is a receiver that detects the said infrared light.
On the receiver, a relay is mounted and, when the infrared light is interrupted, the relay would detect the interruption and turns the load circuit ON or OFF.
On the transmitter side, an oscillation circuit using 555IC will emit the infrared light at 38kHz.
With this oscillation, the light will become as a signal that is distinguished from other light like sunlight in the vicinity of this kit.
Likewise, the light sensitive-element has a feature that is susceptible to receive a signal of 38kHz and thus, it secures the operating stability.
If this kit is used, a substance that passes on a certain line can be detected.
It will work in a distance of 10m or so in a stable condition and, depending on your idea; it can be used in various applications.
Board size
61 x 24mm
61 x 24mm
Transmitting/Receiving signal
950nm Infrared light
Access distance
10m or so
Connecting load circuit
AC120V 12A (MAX), DC28V 10A (MAX) NC/NO
* This kit requires some soldering works.

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