DC motor controller
Japanese instruction manual attached

This kit uses PWM technique to control electric power and regulate number of rotations for DC motor.
The electric control with use of PWM circuit is now used in various places and receives a lot of attention.
When the assembling is done, you can use it for remote control car or boat.
* It is provided with a Japanese instruction manual.
[Major specifications]
Power voltage … 6.0V
Board size … 8.1cm x 4.4cm
[Description of circuit]
This circuit uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to control motor speed.
The motor would turn fast with wide positive pulse and it would turn slow with wide negative pulse.
JRC2904 works as a comparator in this circuit.
A signal is extracted from a motor while the motor is turning and it is processed through resistors and capacitors and then, it will be fed back to JRC2904 as a comparison signal.
When the VR is adjusted and the input voltage is turned high, the output voltage pulse will be modulated and the motor speed would be changed from high to low speed (when the voltage turns at 1.2V or more, the motor would stop.).
When the VR is adjusted and the input voltage is lowered, the output voltage will be varied from low to high speed (when the voltage turns at 1.2V or less, the motor would start turning and, at 0V, it would reach to the max. speed.)
* This kit requires some soldering works.

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