Feature 1: No installation required! Online compiler [mbed] can be used.

@Software can be built by using Web browser and under the internet circumstances
only , if use the online compiler [mbed] offered by ARM. As the first step
of microcomputer learning, it would be a great tool.

Feature 2: Can be used as debugger or writer for Cortex-MARM microcomputer

@Post the firmware of CMSIS-DAP so that it can be used as a writer to download software into the flash memory built-in the microcomputer.

Feature 3: Can be used as universal USB adaptor

@Post the firmware in which USB-UART conversion is programmed so that it would turn to USB-UART communication module. Connect it with a module that has a serial communication capability only and it can be used as USB I/O adaptor.

Feature 4: Make your choice to your application! Add a function using extended board

@As extended boards sold separately, LCD module, MAPLE-mini board attached with geomagnetic + acceleration sensor/module, XBee communication module/adaptor, camera module and so forth are available.

Board specifications

@Device mounted: Cortex-MO microcomputer LPC1135FH133/501 (NXP Semiconductors)

@Memory capacity: Flash ROM 64K byte, RAM 12K byte, EEPROM 4K byte

@External I/F: GPIO of 26, 10-bit A-D convertor of 8-channel, Timer of
16 & 32 bit, PWM, SPI, UART, 12C

@USB Standard: USB 2.0 full speed

@Power voltage: 5V (USB bus power)

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