MARY-VB board(Video Board)

This board is equipped with small-sized CMOS camera module IC.

MARY-VB board(MARMEX-VB)is video camera board for MARY-system with video camera module(YA10052-9X9).
Is the same size as the MARY module that have been released already, the connecter is also common. Accordingly,you are able to mounted to MARY-MB board or MAPLE board,MAPLE-mini type-B board of the sold separately. When you connected to the expansion board, please mount the pin socket to between CN1 and CN4.

MARY-VB board has not only camera module, but also 512KB SRAM(Cypress-made) CY62148ESL for frame buffer.The control circuit to data transfer has using CPLD 5M160ZE64C5 made by ALTERA.The control Circuit has been written to the COLD as the time of purchase.
If you use USB-Blaster, you are able to revision the control circuit. You can write by connecting the CN5 on board and JTAG cable. In that case,please mount the pin socket to CN5.


Sensor type1/6inch CMOS sensor
Image sensor ICOV7670
Screen sizeVGA(640x480)
Output formYUV/YCbCr4:2:2
Raw RGB Data
Maximum frame rate30fps at VGA
External clock10`48MHz, 24MHz at VGA
Power supply voltage2.8V +/-10%
Consumed power60mW
Lens consist3P+1R
Focal length2.6mm


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