Evaluation Board for Motor Driver IC TC78H611FNG

The TC78H611FNG is a 2-channel brushed DC motor driver corresponding to the direct PWM control system. This product is capable of driving up to 2 brushed DC motors or 1 bipolar stepping motor. CD process is adopted and the rating of 18V and 1.1A are realized.
This evaluation board mounts necessary components to evaluate the IC. Two brushed motors can be controlled by the direct PWM drive.
Mounting a connector for a stepping motor also enables a stepping motor control.
Please sense controllability of a brushed DC motor by applying the TC78H611FNG.

In using, please be careful about the thermal condition sufficiently.
For each control signal, please refer to the IC specifications by accessing to the following URL:
Further, the application of this evaluation board is limited to the purpose of evaluating and learning the motor control. Please do not ship them to a market.

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