Maruduino Base board set

On Maruduino board, a pattern where one Arduino Duemilanovel, one shield board and one Xbee board can be mounted is provided.
In addition, a pattern as for I/O circuits where 16x2 LCD module x 1, Tact switch x 4, LED x 4 and analog amplifier output x 1 can be mounted is also provided.
Each I/O circuit can freely be wired through the annexed bread board to Arduino.
Since Arduino and I/O circuit are mounted on one board, it can be stored gas ish even if the experiment is finished half-way so it is convenient to continue lessons when the location of the lesson is changed
As extension function, the bread board may be removed and, instead, 16 units of 7-segment LEDfs and 24 units of tact switches can be mounted to build a calendar clock of wall-hanging type or an electronic keyboard instrument.
Please use this Maruduino board and dream up your world on your own sketch.
[Contents of set]
1 unit
Small bread board (0165-40-1020E): BR> 1 unit
Wiring set (0165-012-000E):
1 set
Small spacer 10mm (SFA-310):
6 pieces
To see a manual of this product, this way please cmabtb-base-manual.pdf
For making a product, see this page, too.
[Guide for option parts set]
Name of Extension parts set
Basic parts set
16-dgt x 2-row LCD module, power circuit, amplifier circuit, jumper sockets for each I/O circuit connection, etc.
MARUDUINO-style parts set
Parts set to turn a board to MARUDUINO fashion without using Arduino board.
Xbee Extension parts set
Parts set to use Xbee
Parts set for +/-15V power
Parts set to make +/-15V power on board
Real time clock parts set
Parts set of a circuit to make real time clock signal on board
7-segment LEDfs & 24-key extension parts set
Parts set - 16 units of 7-segment LEDfs using 12C control of I/O function and 24 units of tack switches

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