AMR Sensor MRES301B Breakout Board

DIP-MRES301B is a breakout board for Murata's AMR Sensor (MRES301B). 

An AMR(Anisotropic Magneto Resistive effect) sensor is a magnetic sensor using an AMR elements whose resistance varies according to the strength or direction of the magnetic field. 

Enables non-contact detection of rotation or displacement by mounting a magnet on the rotary shaft of the motor etc. and bringing the target close to it. 

This type of switch helps reduce the size and power consumption of encoders in machine tools etc. 



・ Supply voltage: 5.0V

・ Resistance (between Vcc-Gnd): 550kΩ(typ)

・ Midpoint potential: 2500mV(typ)

・ Fluctuation at magnetic field application(B=8mT): 25mV(min)

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